Dispatch of International Cargos; Forwarding Agency Services; Professional Packaging and Storing

The S.A.M. company specializes in transportation (inland freight, sea-freight and air-freight), international forwarding, professional packaging and storing and forwarding agency services. Among its important services is also documentation. The basic document for any shipment is the bill of lading – a "travelling ticket" for the international travel of the merchandise and the invoice – which shows the exact contents and the prices.

Inland Transportation

In a world where merchandise is being transferred from place to place, people change apartments, are required or want to move objects from one location to another, the service of inland transportation becomes a demanded and essential service. The relative advantage of the international transportation and forwarding company is in its unique equipment, suitable for inland transfer and forwarding of all kinds of contents, including liquid ones, which ought to be kept at low temperatures.

Air transport

The international forwarding company puts at your disposition services of transportation by sea, by air and by land. The response is overall – technical, procedural, of security, etc. The company will effect for you, as per your request, the packaging of the merchandise and its transportation to the airport, its loading, unloading and transport to destination to any location you will choose.
Among the advantages of airport transportation is, first of all - speed. The price can also be reasonable – on a basis of "cost-benefit".

Transportation by Sea

In our world of global economy the international borders are effaced. Nowadays, one global company can produce one product in three different countries. This phenomenon is so wide-spread, that nowadays it is a real problem to determine in which country this or the other product was produced - for the purpose of application of the source regulations. All this process of moving from country to country necessitates a well
                                  oiled alignment of forwarding. Here we see the role of transportation by sea. Transportation by sea is also relatively low c.

Warehouses for hiring

Various people might need a place, where they may store the contents of an apartment or different objects for various periods of time. There are some people who need this when they travel for a long time abroad and are necessitated to evacuate their apartment (some people rent an apartment and have to leave it on very short notice; before they have the time to find an alternative flat and in the absence of another location to place the contents of their home – they need to rent a storeroom for an unknown period of time).

Storing of apartments

The entry date to your new apartment is delayed? You are moving to a smaller apartment and need a place to store your expensive and valuable goods? If the answer is yes, you arrived at the right place. The S.A.M. company for transportation and international forwarding supplies services of safe storage of apartment-contents for any period you will choose.